Mexican Mademoiselles Vol. 1 & 2 1

  Really diggin’ these playlists of Hits, B-sides and rarities by Mexican 60’s girl rock and pop acts. These gems were brought to us by  Maurice De La Falaise. Check them out and follow him on Mixcloud. MEXICAN MADEMOISELLES VOL. 1 by Maurice De La Falaise on Mixcloud MEXICAN MADEMOISELLES […]

Natalie Judge 1

Remember the amazing female post-punk band SAVAGES we all fell in love with last year? Do you love Cat Power, Kurt Vile and Queens of the Stone Age as much as I do? Then you don’t want to miss this interview with super rad London lady Natalie Judge, label manager […]

Bast, the Goddess of Pleasure and Music

  Bast, also known as Bastet, is a goddess from ancient Egypt. Often depicted as a female body with the head of a cat, this deity was recognized as providing protection, bringing pleasure, fertility and especially joy through music and dance. Bast was the daughter of the Sun God RA […]

Mukta Mohan

I am not a morning person, so I do the impossible to not be awake before 9am; but, if there has ever been a good reason to set my alarm very early Mukta is definitely it. With her KXLU radio show on Wednesday’s 6-9am and her DJing as part of […]

Cillie Barnes

  Cillie Barnes is a female musician gracing  Los Angeles with her great vibe and amazing tunes. I heard her music on KCRW and immediately fell in love with her voice. Our first audio post and photo session are dedicated to this very lovely woman. We talked about her creative […]

Alicia Yaffe

Ever wondered who creates social media posts and updates for artists who are no longer with us like Janis Joplin, or bands like The Doors and The Ramones? Well, I got to meet and interview the lovely mystery woman behind these and many more artists’ social media interactions. She is […]

Springtime Playlist

Ahhh Spring! Flowers, sun, fun and some cheery tunes. Kiley Grosso put this playlist together for springtime. This will definitely put you in a happy mood. Thanks Kiley!