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I am not a morning person, so I do the impossible to not be awake before 9am; but, if there has ever been a good reason to set my alarm very early Mukta is definitely it. With her KXLU radio show on Wednesday’s 6-9am and her DJing as part of the collective Honey Power she is making waves in the LA music scene.

I caught her at Burger a-go-go and it was inspiring to see this girl having such a good time sharing the music she loves with so many people.

Mukta came to visit us at LLL where we talked about how she fell in love with music, her hopes for the future and how the way she feels can influence what her listeners might hear on her radio show. Her current mood is Best Coast in case you were wondering!

She shared that “when you add a woman into the mix in any situation it completely changes the dynamic…the feminine energy draws us…not so much that feminine energy is necessarily attached specifically to being a woman, but femininity, it just focuses your attention on different things that maybe people wouldn’t have noticed before; maybe the more sensitive side, the more nurturing side.” which comes through very well during her show that is heavy with 60’s girl bands and female fronted garage rock.

As if our chat wasn’t fun enough, we also had an opportunity to go visit Elysian Park for a cool photo shoot by Michelle Rubio.
It was such a pleasure to get to know this sweet and sassy Riot Grrrl!

Listen to our full conversation and see the rest of the shoot below:




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