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Bast, also known as Bastet, is a goddess from ancient Egypt. Often depicted as a female body with the head of a cat, this deity was recognized as providing protection, bringing pleasure, fertility and especially joy through music and dance.

Bast was the daughter of the Sun God RA and wife of Anubis. Those who worshiped her throughout Egypt often had statues of cats and domesticated felines in their own homes, and it is because of her that cats were protected and considered sacred then.This Egyptian goddess was also associated with scents and perfumes, she provided different avenues for relaxation and total surrender of the human body to that which was spiritual and almost hedonistic.

Bast’s concern with the enjoyment of life brings together music, dance and pleasure. It isn’t surprising that music has been associated with pleasure since those ancient times, although more explicit in current day lyrics, music and sex have gone hand in hand in more ways than we can imagine. Interestingly enough, just as close of an association has existed between the feminine and the musical. It is a trifecta of energy emanating from all three of these elements: the feminine, music and pleasure.


This goddess represented all that was enjoyable in the world, a blessing brought on from the godly and ethereal to the realm of the human and material. Music, pleasure and femininity have been the epitome of perfection since the dawn of time, and as Lust Love Leitmotif has shown in all of our interviews, these relationships exist to this day. It is our biggest motivation to be a space where these elements can continue to coexist.

In order to nurture your inner musical goddess, here are some ideas commonly associated with Bast that may bring you some pleasure today:

  1. Pet a cat! These creatures were considered divine and, believe it or not, science has determined that their purring has relaxing properties for humans.
  2. One of the scents associated with this Egyptian deity is lavender, which has also been known to induce relaxation. Light a lavender scented candle and bask in it’s light and smell.
  3. Listen to some female fronted tunes and tune into your own creative side while you dance around. We suggest Doris Day’s “Moonglow” for an old timey feel or good Ole Mazzy Star with “Fade Into You” for some ultimate relaxation.



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Image 1 by Tiger House Art

Image 2 by Sarah Paladin

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