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Butterflies all over the world must have fluttered in ecstasy and delight on May 4th, 2012, for this day two magnificent women, who are an immense inspiration in my life, came together in a very special way.  On that Friday, a press conference for Patti Smith’s first show in Mexico was held at “La Casa Azul”, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s residence located in Coyoacán in my native México City. Patti performed a couple of songs in their honor and left a beautiful poem for Frida, inspired on a butterfly collection that friend and architect Isamu Noguchi gave her many years ago, which hangs on the ceiling of Frida’s night bed.


These butterflies undoubtedly served as muses for many of her works, provided comfort on sleepless nights, and they inspired Patti to write the following (I include a translation in Spanish):


Noguchi’s Butterflies

I can not walk

I can not see

Further than what

Is in front of me

I lay on my back

yet I do not cry

Transported in space by the butterflies.


Above my bed

Another sky

With the wings you sent

Within my sight

All pain dissolves

In another light

Transported thru


By the butterfly


This little song

Came to me

Like a little gift as I stood

Beside the bed of Frida.

I give it to you with much love,

Patti Smith


Las mariposas de Noguchi

No puedo caminar

No puedo ver

Más allá de lo que está enfrente de mí

Me recuesto aunque no lloro

Me transporto en el espacio por las mariposas.


Sobre mi cama

Otro cielo

Con las alas que enviaste

A mi vista

Todo el dolor se disuelve en otra luz

Transportada a través del tiempo por la mariposa


Me llegó está cancioncita

Como un pequeño regalo,

Mientras estaba parada junto a la cama de Frida.

Se las regalo con mucho amor,

Patti Smith

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